Alcohol and Diabetes – Can You Have a Glass of Wine with Dinner?

(A guest post from Peggy Schiavo Spinozzi, Nutritionist)

This is a frequently asked question with a 1 hour answer but basically we know that alcohol can cause low blood sugars because the liver is preoccupied detoxifying the alcohol in the beverage and does not release normal glucose into the blood. Higher proof drinks like whiskey and vodka present more risk while lower alcohol content drinks such as wine and light beer are less risky.

To counteract any risk you should always have food with any drink to provide some carbohydrate.

One drink for a woman and 2 for a man is the recommended limit. Be sure to test your blood sugar to see how alcohol affects you. Different drinks may raise your sugar more depending on carbohydrate content, e.g. sweet wines vs. dry wines.

Some people should not drink at all if you have a history of pancreatitis, alcoholism or take certain medications with a “no alcohol” warning on the label. This is always a good discussion to have with your diabetes and metabolism specialist.

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