Start the New Year Focused on Your Health

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!!

This is the time of year that most people take stock of their health habits and decide how they want to approach the new year.  At Freeman Endocrinology, we are very aware of this because we are focused on our patients’ overall health and as we partner with them on their health journey,

Understanding the Focus of An Endocrinologist

Endocrinology tends to be one of the less-understood medical practices among the general public, and that’s hardly a surprise.  Many people will go their entire lives without any need to visit an endocrinologist.  However, for people suffering from diabetes or thyroid disorders, an endocrinologist is vital!

If you’ve recently been referred to an endocrinologist for thyroid issues,

Can Environmental Toxins Affect Thyroid Disease?

When people come to us for treatment for thyroid problems, they always want to know how those thyroid problems developed.  Very often, they’ve done some research on their own.  This is something we applaud, but the problem is that there’s a lot of misinformation out there.  Thyroid conditions are extremely complicated, and endocrinology is such a specialized field specifically because thyroid issues can be so difficult to track down to a source.

If You’re Getting Treatment for Thyroid Problems, Watch Out for These Foods and Supplements!

If you’re receiving treatment for thyroid problems, your diet really does matter! Some of the foods you eat, and some supplements you take, can potentially make your thyroid problems worse – possibly much worse.  That makes it extremely important to eat wisely.

These are some of the foods and supplements you should be aware of that can have an impact on thyroid disease. 

What Are Goiters and How Do They Relate to Your Thyroid Gland?

Of the various ailments an endocrinologist treats, thyroid issues are among the most common. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland on both sides of the front of the neck, just below Adam’s apple. It’s one of the single most important hormone-producing glands in the endocrine system, responsible for creating chemicals that regulate the body’s metabolism,