The Issues Associated with Untreated Hypothyroidism Explained by an Endocrinologist and Thyroid Specialist

If you experience health issues associated with your thyroid, it’s imperative you speak with an endocrinologist and thyroid specialist directly. Our team at Freeman Endocrinology has great experience in this area of the medical field and in this latest post, we’re highlighting the symptoms associated with untreated hypothyroidism.  This is as condition in which the thyroid does not produce enough of certain hormones.

Patients who have untreated hypothyroidism may display a wide range of symptoms.  This is a challenge because these symptoms may point to other diseases and it takes a good assessment by a thyroid specialist to determine the root cause.

General Whole Body

Patients with undiagnosed and untreated hypothyroidism may feel that they have gained weight, or they may see that their face is puffier than normal.


Others may experience muscle weakness.  Muscle aches or soreness has been reported  as one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism.  In addition, joint pain, swelling and joint stiffness have been identified as potential symptoms of hypothyroidism.


Patients with hypothyroidism may have a slow hard rate and patients have also been seen with elevated cholesterol that is associated with their thyroid problem.


Some patients experience depression as part of the set of symptoms they have associated with hypothyroidism.

Difficulties with memory have also been reported as a symptom of hypothyroidism.


Some women have experienced heavy or irregular menstrual periods.  Problems with infertility have also been associated with hypothyroidism.

Some individuals may experience a hoarse voice.


Untreated hypothyroidism leads to stimulation of your thyroid gland to release more hormones.  This can lead to an enlarged thyroid, also known as a goiter.

If a patient has advanced hypothyroidism, which is rare in this country, this can be life threatening.  This condition is called myxedema. Symptoms can include low body temperature and pressure, depressed breathing and even coma.  Patients are usually diagnosed before this can occur.  However, it is important to understand that that untreated hypothyroidism can lead to severe health consequences. Therefore it is important to be properly diagnosed and then adhere to the treatment plan you endocrinologist recommends.

Working with a trusted endocrinologist and thyroid specialist can help ensure that your health issues are analyzed and diagnosed promptly. Our team at Freeman Endocrinology has great experience in the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid issues and we’re available today for a consultation. Call today to book an appointment.



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