Treatment for Thyroid Problems in Pottstown – The Qualities of a Good Endocrinology Doctor

If you need treatment for thyroid problems in Pottstown, you need a good endocrinologist – but how do you find one?  With so many medical clinics and hospitals out there, it can be difficult finding an endocrinology doctor who can meet your needs and provide the standard of care you deserve.

Here are some tips to help you find a good doctor within this area of specialty care.

Important Factors to Consider When Seeking Treatment for Thyroid Problems in Pottstown

1 – What insurance do they take?

For many, this is a factor which can’t be overlooked.  Do they accept your insurance plan?  Specialists like endocrinologists may take many different insurances, but it is important to find one who can work with your insurance.

2 – Check the reviews

A good endocrinologist will have good reviews. If he is not in wouldn’t refer to it. Also if he has not got good reviews I wouldn’t refer to it.  This doctor does have a few bad reviews in a few places.  Read up on them, check them on social media like Facebook and see what other patients have to say about the care they received.  You can learn a lot by seeing what previous patients think of their experience.

3 – Experience

In a specialty field like endocrinology, the more experience the better.  An endocrinologist who has spent decades in their specialty working with lots of patients who have similar concerns to yours is going to have encountered a far wider range of conditions and have plenty of insight into how to treat them.  Picking a well-experienced endocrinologist can often save you from getting stuck in a loop of outpatient referrals and may prevent ineffective treatments.

4 – The size of the practice

Some endocrinologists reside within large hospital facilities, others are independent with small offices.  Which to pick is going to be largely based on your preferences.  A small clinic is going to be more intimate and give you more chance to work with the doctor directly.  This type of practice is more likely to get to know you on a first name basis.

5 – Bedside manner

Finally, if you’re talking to an endocrinologist or their staff, don’t be afraid to listen to your gut feeling regarding how they treat you and talk to you.  A good endocrinologist should make you feel comfortable and secure.  If you don’t enjoy interacting with your doctor, it’s only going to make your situation more difficult.

Get Quality Treatment for Thyroid Problems in Pottstown

Dr. Freeman has spent his career specializing in endocrinology and works with his patients to create care plans that are customized to meet their needs.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment!


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